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Veterinary Cardiology

If your primary care veterinarian has referred your pet to one of our cardiologists, please call us at (913) 722-5566 to make an appointment. Once an appointment is made, please complete the registration form with your pet's information below.


The goal of the Cardiology Service team at Mission Veterinary Emergency and Specialty (MVES) is to improve the quality and length of life for animals with heart disease. We offer a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for animals with heart disease and heart failure. Our team consists of a veterinarian who has completed an additional four years of training in veterinary cardiology and one dedicated cardiology technician. We offer outpatient cardiology appointments and also provide in-house consultations for patients seen through other services at MVES. We also offer overnight hospitalization when necessary.

Dog getting a check up

What are the typical reasons for Cardiology appointments/consultations?

  • Second-opinion evaluation of animals with a heart murmur

  • Diagnostic evaluation for pets with signs of suspected cardiac disease, such as difficulty breathing or collapse

  • Assessment of heart disease severity or progression

  • Management of congestive heart failure

  • Diagnosis/management of abnormal cardiac rhythms

Calm Grey Cat being held by a male nurse looking at each other.

What tests & services do we offer?

  • Echocardiography

  • Electrocardiography (ECG)

  • Chest radiographs (X-rays)

  • Blood pressure monitoring

  • Comprehensive laboratory evaluation (bloodwork, urinalysis, fluid analysis)

  • “Taps” for fluid removal (abdominocentesis, thoracocentesis, pericardiocentesis)

  • Holter and Event monitoring (long-term ambulatory ECG monitoring)