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Mission Veterinary Emergency & Specialty

Why Work at Mission/Overland Park

At both Mission and Overland Park Veterinary Emergency & Specialty, our hospitals house state-of-the-art equipment within a collaborative workspace. We pride ourselves on having a strong family environment with a consistent positive culture. Our diverse team is highly experienced and creates a teaching environment for all staff – new and seasoned.

Exterior photo of Mission Veterinary Emergency & Specialty

Our History

Mission Veterinary Emergency & Specialty opened as Mission Med Vet in 1993 by Dr. Dave and Dr. Mellissa Allen in a 4000 sq. ft. corner building in Mission Kansas. Mission Med Vet, offering surgery and ER, started with the couple and about 3 staff members.

By 1996, Dr. Allen added a critical care specialist, internal medicine specialist, and one surgeon. Over the next 7 years, another internal medicine doctor came onboard along with Ophthalmology. In 2003, the growing hospital team moved to a 22,000 sq. ft. building down the street from its original location. Since 2004, the hospital has grown exponentially to approximately 20 support staff and receptionists. In 2019, the dream to open a second location began rolling forward as there was great belief that this team could support a growing population in Overland Park. On April 7, 2021, the Overland Park Veterinary Emergency and Specialty opened a 10,000 sq. ft. building hosting surgery, internal medicine, and 24-hour emergency services. Between the two locations, our team has 72 support staff, 3 surgeons, 3 internal medicine doctors, a critical care specialist, a cardiologist, an oncologist, and 16 ER doctors. Of these mentioned, our current team includes eight of the original staff members from the original 4000 sq. ft. building down the street in Mission.

Mission and Overland Park Veterinary Emergency & Specialty will continue to grow together and now staff close to 100 team members between both locations.

Employee Testimonials

At Mission Veterinary Emergency & Specialty, we are dedicated to our employees' happiness, success, and growth. Learn more about what makes our veterinary hospital special.